Mar 11, 2012

From newspaper at March 12 (about 11 March)

From newspaper at March 12 No.2 by kumicov

I prayed for all victims of the earthquake and the tsunami at 14:46. Also, 6 houses of our town were destroyed completely by the earthquake on 11 March. though the earthquake center was over 400 kilometers away from our town...

Before 311 at this time, I was tweeting about the difference of "transit" and "transfer". And I've thought I wish to visit the historic battleground of the battle of Grunwald in 15 July 1410. And the thing of F4U Corsair.

At 15:05:54, I tweeted that "The earthquake was generated! It's seismic intensity 5 - 6...!!". the earthquake information told that "North Miyagi is seismic intensity 7". I afraid that, "Are Tohoku people OK? I'm hearing many wail of sirens here." Later, my boss said "Black smoke is going up from Odaiba" at 15:12:29.

I said: "our town is a seismic intensity little less than 6. A mobile isn't connected. The email is barely connected." "The line is connected only by twitter...!!" "Stopped. (at 15:21:30)" "again. (at 15:28:18)"

A part of my room at March 11. by kumicov
A part of my room at March 11., a photo by kumicov on Flickr.
A part of my home was such a state at that time.

In the evening, my mobile phone has cut the charge. I tried to reach the home until today, but I was not able to go home. so I decided to sleep out at the station in Chiba. there were very low foods... I thought this is panic. but I didn't know at this time that this earthquake was more than expected because I lost the mobile's battery.

"Tokyo Disney World is flooded. and Tsunami is 7m on Japanese sea's seaside (at 19:12:38)."
"I can't arrive home and am in a convenience store. Today I'll stay here. The roads are full of cars and people.(at 00:01:24)"

When I stayed at the station, this convenience store's staffs were opened their store voluntarily. I and our people were glad. I could get the mobile battery.

"I can't sleep and my foot are cold. but Miyagi and Fukushima people are more tired. I heard that many people died.(at 01:56:07)"

and I could read some brave messages from home and abroad friend and hometown's family. My little sisters and both parents, my husband, some Japanese friends, Chris from UK, Global research associate from NYC, my friend from Florida, Massimiliano from Italy, German friend, Slovenian friend Tomaz san, Ira san from Indonesia, Ukraine...etc.
Especially, my friend Lee from UK continued to send important information about the disaster to me. Though it was really hard day, I was very pleased to read many great words.

I'm not forget this, and will decide to do something which I have to do on my life.
Thank you very much. 

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