Aug 5, 2012

Sonderkommando Elbe documentary and my little memory

Hello all,

It's August. Time is too early. I can't believe that.
After the exhibition, I have to check the address of guests for greeting cards,
but I haven't done it yet. Days are busy. No, I'm a poor time manager, lol.

Yesterday and today, I wrote the continuance of my novel.
I want to write the scene of the Stuka pilot soon.
He never agree with N**i party, but he think we have to fight to protect their country.

WW2: Sonderkommando Elbe 1, 2, these links are English version)

I was watching Heinrich Rosner and Klaus Hahn episodes of Sonderkommando Elbe.
B-24 Liberator heavy bomber crews and Elbe crews had fought so hard time.
I can't imagine all Liberator crews' experiences.
It's possible for me only to imagine it. Both experiences were fierce.
However Elbe's fighting methods was reckless. yes, like the Kamikaze.

When I was child, my classmate showed me her grandfather's photo. He had clothed pilot suits and after he drank a shot of last sake for his life, died. He was Kamikaze pilot.
It was shocking for me. Though he was early twentysomething, looked like admirable adult. I will wager that he never wanted to go. However, it was an absolute order of the countries. It was an unhappy event. so he had to grow up early. August 15 is the day World War II ended.

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