Jan 13, 2016

失われた帝国のためのアートワーク No.3.6 The artwork for the Lost Empire KuK - No.3.6

Before I begin to No.3 artwork, I've painted this Austro-Hungarian fighter pilot. His name is Frank Linke-Crawford. In Japanese, "フランク・リンケ=クラウフォルト". It wasn't said "クロフォード" because the Empire language was German. 

 He was born in 18 August 1893 at Krakow. His father Adalbert Linke was a Galician soldier, and his mom Lucy Crawford was a British woman. 
Frank entered Theresianische Militärakademie at Wiener Neustadt in 1910 and was enrolled at until 1913. After graduation, he was assigned as Leutnant in kuk D...Oops, well, well...It's a tip for next artwork...
When he flew the sky, he was wearing the red colored flying leather helmet with white trousers, so was called "Redhead". And his fighter plane is painted falcon on either side, and then was also called "The Falcon of Feltre".
Kumiko Sakaki.



 It's Frank! 赤頭ことフランク!※この場合、赤毛じゃなくて。

Godwin Brumowski and Linke-Crawford with Flik 41 crew and their mascot dog

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