Jan 19, 2016

My uniform artwork "The childhood friends"

Hi everyone! Yesterday I finished to new uniform artwork. Would you like to see more?

(Left side: the Polish officer   Right side: the German officer 1939)

The title name is "The childhood friends". I'm planning the friendship story of German Panzer officer with the Polish officer. The German officer NEVER agree with NSDAP, and of course he doesn't like them. He was born in Poland which is his mother's homeland.
The Left side's man is the Polish Uhlan officer who is the Panzer officer's childhood friend. First he thought his friend has betrayed the trust of him for Fall Weiss, but actually,  the tank officer was...(to be continued later)
While painting it, I was wearing the certain Lucien Lelong vintage Perfume which was launched in 1936. 
The scent was created by "Nez" Jean Carles. I love his scent works. Tabu(1932), Shocking(1937), Ma Griffe(1946), Miss Dior(1947), etc.

BTW, I was very difficult to searching the Polish uniforms. As I wrote before, there are almost not the Polish uniform information in here! Books, Pictures, something plastic models, etc...haha. 
So I'm thanking to my Polish historian friend Tomasz Borówka.

Bardzo dziękuję, Tomasz!


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