May 9, 2016

失われた帝国のためのアートワーク No.4 :The artwork for the Lost Empire KuK - No.4

Artwork by Kumiko Sakaki

Hello, all. How are you?

I've been painted it after drawing it, then finally I could finish the artwork. I'm glad to showing it for everyone.

He is the Oberst of k.u.k. Generalstab(Austro-Hungarian General Staff) Leon(Leonhard) Binder who is the original cast in my story. He isn't noble. His father was born in Graz and has been worked as an officer in the Austrian Empire army and Austro-Hungarian army. His mother was the Slavonian(Croatia) woman. His father save the money, begged to his senior officer, and was able to success to enrolling his son to Kadettenschule.

He was born in 1871 and became to 45 years old in 1916. He has participated in the First Balkan War and the Boxer Rebellion before WW1.

Kaiserlicher Orden der Eisernen Krone, III Klasse
Militärverdienstkreuz (Österreich)
Militär verdienstmedaille "Signum Laudis"
Kriegsmedaille 1873
Militärdienstzeichen, Klasse für 25 Jahre
Jubiläums Erinnerungsmedaille 1898
Militärjubiläumskreuz 1908
Erinnerungskreuz 1912/1913

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