Apr 18, 2012

From my grandpa's album 祖父のアルバムから 2

Hello all, (English)

The big holiday will come to Japan on next week. After 2 years I'll back to my hometown, but I can't get ready to trip yet! The departure is 1 week later... Oops!
By the way, I've scanned my grandfather's old album photos yesterday. his wife (means my grandmother) already says me many times,
"please bring back to his album soon".
"Oh...yes, yes, of course!"
So I did it ... finally. Though this clean up has just begun...Anyway,

He looks gallant in his uniform! we can see some medals and insignia.
凛々しいです!メダルを身に着けられていましたので気になりました。 (Photo A)

When I looked at the album, I did interested in this photo. This is it. Probably he is my grandfather's cousin or a younger brother, but there is no information. I don't know enough the Japanese combat uniform, and so I didn't know how I search it.

So, my follower friend Hime san told me some infos about his position from his clothes and medals. He is an artist (his works are so cute) and also clothing historian about Imperial Japanese uniform.
Really thank you so much!!

(Photo B)

From left (Photo B):
Orders of the Sacred Treasure 6th class 勲六等瑞宝章 (Photo)
It was created on January 4, 1888 (Meiji era). There were from the 1st to the eighth class. Men and women can be awarded. The award winner engaged in government affairs and public duties for many years and repeated the service, and gave results.

6th class winner's basis:
*The prize winner worked as the mayor of the city a population of 250,000 and heads of towns and villages, and there were results.
*The prize winner had results in great of the Metropolitan, Hokkaido, or Prefectural Assembly and city and district Town and Village Assembly consular-ship.
*The prize winner had important performance to the contents of the job duties.

1937-45 China Incident War Medal 支那事変従軍記章 (Photo)
It was created by Imperial Edit No. 496 on July 27, 1939. A person who was joined to China Incident War can get this medal. It includes the non combatant.

Japanese Red Cross Special Staff Medal 日赤特別社員章 (Photo)
It was created in 1887. There were the silver of the 2nd class and the gold of the 1st class. The person except medical relations was able to be get with it, too.

It's force patch. he worked in koriyama(Fukushima) force (in air force)! (Photo C)

Collar patches...was he first lieutenant? (Photo D)

In last month, I've took this photo in Battleship Mikasa...Is this useful? oh, but these were shoulder strap.(Photo E)

His branch of service was an air force command "東部(軍)第111部隊(Eastern army 111th force)" and he was an army surgeon. The forerunner was a former airport battalion. This moved to Koriyama, Fukushima from Iwanuma, Miyagi.

First, the pilots cadet had only able to put this, but in May 9 1944, it was amended and that is wearing (including techniques such as Coastal Engineering Department officers and men soldiers and maintenance) all officers and men belonging to the aviation-related occupations. The 6th flight division was dissolved in August 31 1944, and some soldiers were adding to this military unit.

Hime san asked me whether he was working at the medical force or not. And so I remembered what I've forgotten. Yes, my grandmother said that,

"Once, we included the family of the doctors. He had worked in India as a doctor and had examine your (is me) eyes before."

1 old photograph was full of much information. Whether he was this man or not, really my family had some doctor or medical person. I'm very surprised and am touched by this piece of family history.

 もうすぐGWですね。。。2年ぶりに故郷へ帰るのに何にもやってない! 前々から、お祖母さんに「おじいちゃんのアルバム返してね」と言われていたので、昨日ようやく、すべてのページをスキャニングしました。クリーンアップはこれからなのですが。

 そんなことを呟いたらドイツのお友達が「古い写真見たい!」と仰ってくれましたので、数枚の写真をリンクで送ったところ「彼の勲章は何? どういう人なの?」ときかれました。

 それがこの彼(Photo A)。祖父の従兄弟か弟じゃないかなと思うくらい、情報は何もない。ええ、確かに日本人ですとも...が、しかし!私もついさっきスキャンしたばかりですし、日本の軍装は全く分からないのでとっかかろうにもとっかかれず......。


左から:(Photo B
瑞宝章 Orders of the Sacred Treasure



1. 学術、芸術等の分野
2. 新聞、その他報道業務
3. 学校教育又は社会教育
4. 社会福祉事業、又は納税に尽力
5. 発明発見、その他の創意工夫により、公衆の福祉の増進に寄与
6. 治山治水事業、砂防事業、土地改良事業等公共工事に従事
7. 地方鉄道事業、軌道事業、海上運送事業、道路運送事業、航空運送事業、電気事業、
8. 医師、薬剤師等の業務に従事
9. 弁護士、弁理士、公認会計士等公共的業務に従事
10. 調停委員、人権擁護委員、民生委員等の職務に従事
11. 農業、林業、畜産業、水産業、商業、工業、鉱業、貿易、銀行業、保険業、信託業、
12. 労働界において経済の興隆と国民生活の安定に寄与
13. 体育界において業績を挙げ又は体育の振興に寄与
14. 前各号に掲げる以外の者であって、公益に寄与した者

......だそうです!(棒読みスミマセン 汗)

支那事変従軍記章 1937-45 China Incident War Medal (Photo)


日赤特別社員章 Japanese Red Cross Special Staff Medal (情報)


Photo C
「徽章類から昭和19年(1944年)以後と思われますが、医療関係と踏んだのは胸に兵科胸章があったからなんです。 19年以後ですと技術や衛生の各部のみが付けていましたので」

Photo D
Photo E



参考にさせて頂きました Informations. Many thanks!

参考:勲章の種類(瑞宝章)- 内閣府 さま
参考:栄典制度の在り方に関する論点の整理 - 内閣府 さま
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にほんブログ村 歴史ブログへにほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ ヨーロッパ情報へにほんブログ村 映画ブログ ドキュメンタリー映画へ


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