Oct 7, 2020

kuktober 2020

Hello everyone! Though I always say, "How have you been?", What's up? Haha...yes.
By the way, from this October, I'm trying to draw the drawing series "kuktober" about the Austria-Hungary Empire (kuk means that kaiserliche und königliche Monarchie). This list is the lineup. The small training project for me has already started on my Instagram. I will keep to continue the series if I can during this Oct. (If I can)
Please check it ;-)!

Apr 12, 2020

My new wallpaper is

Hi everyone!

You know, recently we have to stay home as much as possible for the virus. if can't it by a type of working, we spend only a little time in the office. I've been managed to both jobs, an illustrator and an office worker. At last, my company president ordered us to temporary absence from work in last middle week, and I'm in home from last Thursday. It's so late choice, but that's better than nothing. 
As same almost people(?), now I could get to having a time than usual days. Though, just because I and almost artists got free time doesn't mean we can start creating right away. We are in invisible fear. First, it is important to stabilize mental and economic conditions in family, but also there are many things that we can't help yourself. There are many exceptions...Anyway, I hope all lives will be safe.

So (so??), I changed my PC wallpaper after so long. It's a photo which I took at the Museum of Military History in Vienna (HGM - Heeresgeschichtliches Museum) - That's my holy site :))! I wish to up my motivation for my art project by some historic images and documents.

What a thin waist size!

Jan 2, 2020

My recent bookcover artwork.

The artwork by illustrator Kumiko Sakaki
The author is Mr. Masashi Endo of Onshokukiko. 

Happy New Year, everyone!

I drew the most famous German Kaiser, Friedrich der Große who is trying to eat a potato. 
The full-length version (this is the 1st printing) of the historical Prussian cooking book by 音食紀行 (@onshokukiko) sold at comiket 97
The book author is Mr. Endo as a historical culinary researcher. Especially his cooking book works are very interesting for historical meal lovers. This 1st printings version already has sold out in Dec 31. Though, you can get on his web shop.

Everyone, check it out!

Jul 8, 2019

失われた帝国のためのアートワーク No.12:The artwork for the Lost Empire KuK - No.12

Artwork by Kumiko Sakaki (All rights reserved)

Ad augusta per angusta―― 
He wore his brown leather flight helmet which ordered by himself, and put on folding glass flight goggles. His usual black airmen's jacket is still good condition, and he wears the M1916 field jacket (tunic) which made of field grey fabric (It's brownish). Though it can't see from here, it has a golden shoulder loop on the tunic. His career began at the Reitende Artillerie (Horse artillery) and it would end at the aviation troops. This painting was drawn in the late Summer 1918. (according to fiction)

What was he thinking? 

Jun 3, 2019

失われた帝国のためのアートワーク No.11 :The artwork for the Lost Empire KuK - No.11

Artwork by Kumiko Sakaki (All rights reserved)

How have you been, everyone? I've just finished to painting the Austria-Hungarian soldier. He is an Artillery soldier and He almost just joined in k.k. Landwehr. He had a gut feeling that something bad will happen - I might die here or this Empire might end. Though, his war just started.

Summer in 1916 ――

Usual Egalisierung of kuk Artillery is scharlachrot (scarlet), but I wasn't able to find color information of the k.k. Landwehr Artillery, so I asked my friend Pike Grey (on twitter who is the A-H historian). He told, it's grass green without Edelweiss. Thank you so much for telling it :-)
By the way, it can't see because the picture is small, but I drew "FJI" and artillery buttons on his cap. Franz Josef I still was alive until Nov 1916.

My original artbook on the web store

This is the book cover. Artwork by Kumiko Sakaki

Hello, everyone. Thank you for visiting my new uniform artwork page. 
Actually (you know?), I self-published my artbook "The Artwork for the Lost Empire Austria-Hungary" in last August. So I hid the series from here. 

So, I've already started my original book store on Booth. Please check my page :-)

Jan 5, 2019


Photo No.Pf 2529 D1 from Österreichische Nationalbibliothek 


・1902年クントマンガッセギムナジウム(Gymnasium Kundmanngasse)
・10代の頃、家庭教師のAlbrecht Reif先生と同性愛体験
 (K.u.k. Niederösterreichisches Dragoner-Regiment „Friedrich August König von Sachsen“ Nr. 3)

Dec 20, 2018

Wonderful and treditional Vienna band, Hoch- und Deutschmeister! 帝国連隊楽団『歩兵第4連隊ホッホ・ウント・ドイッチュマイスター』

Hi everyone!

Though you already know, I've been painted the Austria-Hungary Empire uniform illustration for history research in recent years, and was able to self-publishing the artbook for Armistice 100th anniversary of the First World War in this 19 August. I'd love to thank many times for my family and friends who supported me. 

Artwork (a part) by Kumiko Sakaki

By the way, in my artbook there is the illustration, "Oberleutnant of k.u.k. Infanterieregiment Hoch- und Deutschmeister Nr. 4". Surprisely and amazily, Wonderful band from Wien in Austria, Hoch- und Deutschmeister k.u.k Wiener Regimentskapelle IR4 found my uniform illustration, and they were introduced my illustration on your Instagram page. 

Yes, he in my artwork wears the same uniform color Himmelblau with the band :-) It’s my favorite color. 

their album "300 Jahre Maria Theresia"

As many music lovers or history researchers have knew, Deutschmeister band has a long history. Yes, the band has been activated traditionally from before Austria-Hungary era by many members, so we can still go to listen their music. This tradition is gradely priceless, and their album "300 Jahre Maria Theresia" (I have it) is great, stirring and powerful. Their band performances are amazing. "Ich freue mich, dass Sie meine Oberleutnant der IR4 gefunden haben. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Glück und Gesundheit. Vielen Dank!" is all I can come up with now genuinely :-)

Let's check it!

After the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, “Kizuna Projekt Wien” was established by thanks to the effort of  commanding officer of the Regimentskapelle, Major (iTr) Erich Kojeder and his wife Prof. Yukari Kojeder-Sakai mainly. I'm honner both countries cherish this friendship.
I heard from them they will perform at new event on next year. Austria and Japan will celebrate the 150th anniversary of our Friendship in 10 March 2019

Now,  I'm able to write the Japanese article of them through the kindness of the secretariat of Hoch- und Deutschmeister "k. u. k. Wiener Regimentskapelle IR4". He helped to write the English article for me. Thank you for all your help.  Now, let me tell you in Japanese language about the best Vienna brass band.

Nov 11, 2018

Armistice 100th anniversary (11 Nov 1918 → 11 Nov 2018)

Artwork by Kumiko Sakaki

He looks like sad. November 11 in 2018 is the 100th anniversary from the end of WWI. Since 2014 which is the 100th anniversary from the outbreak of the war, I’ve been focused on my own project for A-H people (the plan is made a while ago), and could self-published the artbook in this August. 

This is the tribute illustration (a part) for passed away people at the battlefield. They wished to coming back their home, and wanted to meet with their families, lovers and friends, but they couldn’t. He feels to sad for them.
I wish that my book will become the eulogy for soldiers/officers and families who lived in that era.

Requiescat in Pace. We’ll remember them.

Oct 21, 2018