Apr 12, 2020

My new wallpaper is

Hi everyone!

You know, recently we have to stay home as much as possible for the virus. if can't it by a type of working, we spend only a little time in the office. I've been managed to both jobs, an illustrator and an office worker. At last, my company president ordered us to temporary absence from work in last middle week, and I'm in home from last Thursday. It's so late choice, but that's better than nothing. 
As same almost people(?), now I could get to having a time than usual days. Though, just because I and almost artists got free time doesn't mean we can start creating right away. We are in invisible fear. First, it is important to stabilize mental and economic conditions in family, but also there are many things that we can't help yourself. There are many exceptions...Anyway, I hope all lives will be safe.

So (so??), I changed my PC wallpaper after so long. It's a photo which I took at the Museum of Military History in Vienna (HGM - Heeresgeschichtliches Museum) - That's my holy site :))! I wish to up my motivation for my art project by some historic images and documents.

What a thin waist size!


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