Oct 21, 2018

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Mar 15, 2018

Illustration for the remembrance day of the Hungarian Revolution at 15th March

Artwork by Kumiko Sakaki

Hi Everyone (Especially Hungarian friends)!

As you know, today is the Remembrance day of the Hungarian Revolution at 15th March 1848. I painted for my Hungarian friend and people who have stood up for freedom at that time. This Hungarian Hussar's uniform has very colorful red, white and green. The clothing is really beautiful. Of course, their hearts, too.

I will so glad if they like my work :-)

Feb 19, 2018

失われた帝国のためのアートワーク No.8 :The Artwork for the Lost Empire KUK – No.8

Artwork by Kumiko Sakaki

Hi everyone! I finished to paint the young Austria-Hungarian Leutnant.
He wears the K.u.K Infantry Regiment No.99 tunic without his saber. Facing colour (Egalisierung) is sulphur yellow (schwefelgelb). And buttons and collar patches are same gold color. During the WWI Eastern Front at Russia, IR99 was named the "Gelbe Teufel (Yellow Devils)" from their facing colour.

Feb 9, 2018

ハンガリーの知人からキシュ・ヨージェフ(Kiss József)に関する補足を伺う。

twitterでお世話になっているハンガリーのイムレさんにも「1848年のハンガリー革命から今年で170周年」と伺いました。実は私、オーストリア=ハンガリー帝国航空隊のキシュ・ヨージェフ(Kiss József)の親類かもしれないキシュ・エルノーさん(Eleméri és ittebei Kiss Ernő)がきっかけでハンガリー革命に興味をもちました。

Aug 5, 2017




Jun 5, 2017

Artwork: Bit by bit...

Artwork by Kumiko Sakaki

Hello everyone. How have you been?
2017 finished a half. Indeed "time and tide wait for no man".

The book which I drew an illustration will on sale June 7. Though it's written by only Japanese words, if you can read the word, I recommend to get the book.

Like that, Recent years I have more work (office and other illustrations), so I can get ahead with my lifework only bit by bit...But,
I've never forget my BD or novel project, and the works are in process. Thank you for my cheering up!

For your kindness...

Feb 24, 2017