Jun 3, 2019

失われた帝国のためのアートワーク No.11 :The artwork for the Lost Empire KuK - No.11

Artwork by Kumiko Sakaki (All rights reserved)

How have you been, everyone? I've just finished to painting the Austria-Hungarian soldier. He is an Artillery soldier and He almost just joined in k.k. Landwehr. He had a gut feeling that something bad will happen - I might die here or this Empire might end. Though, his war just started.

Summer in 1916 ――

Usual Egalisierung of kuk Artillery is scharlachrot (scarlet), but I wasn't able to find color information of the k.k. Landwehr Artillery, so I asked my friend Pike Grey (on twitter who is the A-H historian). He told, it's grass green without Edelweiss. Thank you so much for telling it :-)
By the way, it can't see because the picture is small, but I drew "FJI" and artillery buttons on his cap. Franz Josef I still was alive until Nov 1916.


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