Nov 11, 2018

Armistice 100th anniversary (11 Nov 1918 → 11 Nov 2018)

Artwork by Kumiko Sakaki

He looks like sad. November 11 in 2018 is the 100th anniversary from the end of WWI. Since 2014 which is the 100th anniversary from the outbreak of the war, I’ve been focused on my own project for A-H people (the plan is made a while ago), and could self-published the artbook in this August. 

This is the tribute illustration (a part) for passed away people at the battlefield. They wished to coming back their home, and wanted to meet with their families, lovers and friends, but they couldn’t. He feels to sad for them.
I wish that my book will become the eulogy for soldiers/officers and families who lived in that era.

Requiescat in Pace. We’ll remember them.


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