Mar 13, 2016

The uniform artwork: An artillery Oberleutnant at Sicily 1943

Hi! I painted the German artillery Oberleutnant.(But he is the Austrian)  This image is wartime Sicily in 1942-1943. He had to join in the army by the political system at the time. His Luftwaffe ace friend had already passed away by machine accident. So his face looks a little sad...
Actually I began to drawing his comic(which is something like Graphic Novel or Bande Dessinée). It's my pet project.

His scent image is Tilleul by D'Orsay. This original perfume was created in 1915 wartime France. The Polish artist Balthus(1908-2001) loved it. Recent version was made by wonderful perfumer Olivia Giacobetti. 

By the way...
And I got a work of illustrations from the new client. It's the illustration for public.  The client says that this work might become to a little long span. Though, the schedule will really tight.(the deadline is early April) Though I'm worrying about it, I will do my best.


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