Nov 27, 2010

My favorite books arrived!

Hello! Thank you for your concern! I'm well now.

I ate a dinner with my family and am checking some amazing 1930's or 1940's books from my Dutch comic artist friend Mark. (but these aren't manga.) there are my favorite goods here...hehe(^^). Many thanks!
Mark and I are each country's 1930s cultures and atmosphere. he likes around Shanghai or Japan, I like european 1930s...etc.

We talk about history, storytelling, each hometown info each partners, funny imaginations and formidable otaku power...LOL.

Oops, I just remembered I wanna talk.
When I was reading to the WWII German magazine "Signal" of Dutch version, I found a Katyn's article of that time. I was reading the recent Katyn news at this time and I have watched the Andrzej Wajda's I have confused the time lines.

I wish to settling this problem peacefully...

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