Apr 1, 2012

April Fools Day - Punish the Star of Africa!


"Schnapps! Speed! Crash! Punish the African Star bastard!!"
It's joking about certain unique episode of Hans-Joachim Marseille, LOL.
The work based on the Japanese old movie poster.

This is its episode:

Once, when he was forced to ditch his plane off Cap Gris Nez, the senior staff doctor at the air-sea rescue site (who had already treated him under similar circumstances at the same facility three times previously) asked him to call ahead when he wanted to drop into the water.
Marseille was beside himself with anger. He washed up, returned home, downed a few schnapps, borrowed the motorcycle of his Staffelkapitän and roared off. Last stop was a tree. The motorcycle was destroyed and the next entry for him in the discipline log was due. (Franz Kurowski)

The author doesn't decide that the crusher is Jochen,
but he says on next sentence.
"Prior to his transfer to Africa..."

Steinhoff was his Staffelkapitän and sent him to North Africa...What this means, lol??



その彼というのはハンス=ヨアヒム・マルセイユ。オートバイの主については濁してありましたので本当のことは分かりませんが、この文章の後「アフリカへ転任する前に」というセンテンスが来ているということは……?!(いえ、断定はしませんけど 笑)

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