May 7, 2012

Jochen Marseille "heroic" episode

Yesterday when I hear about Hans-Joachim "Jochen" Marseille's heroic episodes from my Luftwaffe fan's friend, I couldn't stop laughing.

The sermon of his gymnasium teacher wasn't effective! Unfortunately Jochen has borrowed also Steinhoff's car without consent. Steinhoff said complain about it to Adolf Galland, but "Dolfo" was laughing about Jochen's heroic episode. I feel sorry for So I imagined that for example:

Jochen( is drinking wine, etc) "I borrowed his car and have put there some girls. Oh yeah! you was in there, too."

Jochen "And before...I borrowed his motorcycle without permission again and did broken it. His name was...umm..."
Friend "He was Steinhoff. He might be angry to you again. Keep me out of it!"
Jochen "...who was it?"

Source: Hauptmann Hans Joachim Marseille by Walter Wübbe

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