Oct 20, 2016

Happy birthday to Henri von Maltzahn(again)!

On this day is Günther Freiherr von Maltzahn. If he lived yet, he would become 106 years old on this year. If he alived... Happy birthday to Henri!

He was liked by his subordinates and his superiors as great commander and gentle character man. And he joined "Fighter Pilots' Revolt incident" against Hermann Göring. The end of war, he moved in his land Germany by an order, and went to the place at Germany which his wife's sister lives in. Though he wanted to continuing the battle as one of the German pilot, but he was captured by the US army. Soon, he became free again.
The sadly event that happened to his father in 1945, maybe you can imagine from people under the battle of Berlin. And the tragedy of Demmin happened. Henri's 2 brothers already have died in the war.

In post war, He began to learn the agriculture for his family's land. And this after, He had managed a winery. Next he work in the "Amt Blank"which is a forerunner of the Federal Ministry of Defence. Ex-Luftwaffe members called him as the one of a leader to reconstruction of the German Air Force.  I found on Wikipedia that he was a candidate for the position of Inspekteur der Bundesluftwaffe(空軍総監) of the German Air Force. His death is too early.

Hi Henri ;-) !


  1. I believe that the whole Maltzahn family was more inclined to the ethical duty of their social hyerarchy and love for their motherland than the nazi phylosophy ,anyways. He was for sure, a kind and charming man. German could be wolf skin and sheep underneath, I believe. Is hard to fight agaisnt your principles but harder to fight defending them,I recall someone said ,once. Happy birthday handsome and brave man!

    1. Thank you, lisy :-)
      I agree with you. Even though, I hoped to avoid an assertive tone because of my lack of research. During the wartime under the Third Reich, some people had difficulty living according to their beliefs, you know.
      I who can never agree with Nazism, am often nervous about wring or drawing articles and artwork from the Third Reich era, and almost articles are for research purposes only. Though, Some Third Reich soldiers and people (who weren't join in Nazism) are so fascinating that I can't help but introduce them.
      Yes, the old noble family, Maltzahn members have served the country for generations. Among them, the lives of Maria Gräfin von Maltzan and Günther Freiherr von Maltzahn are fascinating.