Nov 25, 2010

A goody-goody devil...

I was shocked and had slept without changing its clothes. I remembered I eat nothing from yesterday. I stay away from the office today for a pecksniffian person (is playing a good person). I'm deeply blue and had thought I can't make the artwork...(´・_・`)

Well, I was really all depressed, so I had to write such a thing to my diary. and my friends said, "what happened? I'm worried about you".
Oh, I shouldn't have written it...I was sorry for my actions because I gave them worries.

the old nasty person is a devil in goody-goody's clothing, but "Can the leopard change his spots?" No, we can't, but I think that the pecksniffian person gets rag sometime. A goody-goody devil is miserable wretch.
A goody-goody person is a true devil...Be careful.

Anyway, experience is the best teacher. I wanna do express this negative experiences in a constructive way.

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