Nov 17, 2010

the information of my site

Hi all!

I'm an illustrator Kumiko Sakaki.

Do you know our deviantART page?
I have introduced our artworks from 3 month ago on there.
Of course, my friends know that I'm writing the Not-Nazi or Anti-Nazi people's stories
and am not agree with Fuhrer. yes, never, never...

even so, I was worrying about creating the artworks or the novels for WWII German stories.
but my new friends understood my heart...I was very pleased.

BTW, I love old good era. if I have a time, I'd like to draw the Polish cavalries,
Ancient Roman or Greece, Russian Empire and Belle Époque people.

Anyway, I introduce my website. is my main site.
deviantART is my and my husband illustrator's page.

Please check these!


にほんブログ村 小説ブログ 長編小説へ にほんブログ村 イラストブログ プロイラストレーターへ


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