Jul 21, 2015

Though I'd like to know more about "Henri" von Maltzahn history...

Hello everyone!

Recently I'm searching about information of Günther "Henri" Freiherr von Maltzahn who is my recent artwork motif and a guest of my novel. If they can tell, I'd like to hear his history from his children or other family. Though, I found his family's sad story.

He lost his 2 little brothers(they worked in Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe) at each battlefields and his father at his hometown. The time was 1945 winter which Germany fought with CCCP. Maybe you can imagine the situation. Their manor house was abandoned.(Henri's father was the last of this manor house owner) I wonder if I will able to ask from them about their memories...

Surely they are included in around Demmin's(he was born in Wodarg, Pommern) sad history.

He was married :)

Even so, Henri smile was gentle and was good commander for his crew or mate. Hartmann Grasser has said that Maltzahn, Galland and Mölders was an excellent commander.

I'll draw his smile :-)


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