Aug 9, 2016

Thinking to open a Twitter account for historian friends and BD sketch.

Hi everyone!

I'm thinking to open my Twitter account for historian friends or fan and history Illustrations or comics(BD or Graphic novel or Manga) lovers.

Recently, even though I added a note of caution on my Twitter profile that "my uniform artworks aren't included any political things and will never agree such thinking(I don't like Fa*cism, Na*ism, segr*gationist)", after some passing followers followed me from themselves, unilaterally blocked me.

Yes, this is a account for my illustration info and artworks, so also would show the uniform artwork, wouldn't this? If they will not read the info about my uniform artworks, please just passing!
So for this reason, I might open my history ID for my historians and historical creator, and history fan.

History BD Notes(@HistoryBDnotes)

Thank you,
Kumiko Sakaki, an Illustrator.


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