Oct 24, 2016

Happy birthday to Franz Liszt!

Artwork by Kumiko Sakaki

October 22 is the birthday of Franz Liszt (Liszt Ferenc).
Happy birthday to Franz!
I painted him from this information, his color portraits, photos and his life mask.


Hi, everyone.
When I was learned piano from 4 years old to a teenager, I met with Franz Liszt music.
Next I checked this info about Franz. At first glance, he is a handsome man, and surely was popular from women. His taller was 1.85m and had a slim body. Because his playing at recital was dynamic, sexy & dramatic, many women were fainting. So the word"Lisztmania" of was born.
He might be Robert Plant (or Jerry Lee Lewis or Michael Jackson or, etc) of the Classical music world. Personally, I remembered Hideki Saijo (maybe his song "傷だらけのローラ"and Lola Montez) from Liszt's live performance,
Though, youth Liszt has experienced the often pitiable relationships with some women. Sometimes it was depressingly memories. And sometimes, Liszt becomes the oddball(unique).
He gave many rave to Chopin, but Frederic didn't like his first impression...but, His later life was godly man. he was teaching to his disciples. his many romantic and higher techniques tunes are playing around the world.

About his hair color...

About Liszt's haircolor, some people are thinking blonde, but his hair on some portraits is (medium)brown. I thought that, when he was a kid, he had blonde hair. As he grows, his hair color became brown.
I found a blogger which thought same thing with me. Thank you for your article!

On Liszt's Hair

「私は(リストの事を)子供としていつも見聞きしていたので、彼の髪色が琥珀色から濃い茶色になっていたのを見てかなり驚いた」(Majo, 10 Feb 1839)


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